Agbowa, Lagos, Nigeria

The Lagos state government commissioned First World Communities and Bolans Group to relocate an entire community 50 miles north east of Lagos to Agbowa. This community specialise in saw milling and work in the timber trade in Lagos.

They currently live and work in the industrial area and live in poor conditions.

The masterplan which sits on a site of 200Ha encapsulates the introduction of adequate housing to house families that have been used to living in difficult conditions.

The masterplan has been designed to allow for a 'living' and 'working' environment that the band saw milling community can continue to live and work in.

We have designed for a further 400Ha of use in and around the site for future use.
The community was featured on the BBC production 'Welcome to Lagos' in 2010.

The scheme contains large mixed of uses ranging from the following:
- Residential quarter (400 homes)
- High quality landscaping (new parks, community gardens)
- Community Facilities (schools, retail units, commercial units)
- Industry ( band saw industry and waste management facilities)

Agbowa Agbowa Agbowa Agbowa Agbowa
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