Ibadan Gateway
Ibadan, Nigeria

We were commissioned to produce design options for enhancing the entrance to Ibadan Nigeria. The feasibility was produced by Bolans Architects for and on behalf of the Oyo State Government Nigeria.

The site forms part of the Masterplan for the regeneration of Ibadan, Oyo State.

At the heart of the study lies the gateway to Ibadan, located at the Lagos Ibadan Expressway.

It comprises of welcome/introduction signage, a steel structures including electronic sign boarding, lighting and information. At the pitch of the structure lies the Yoruba Founder symbolising the roots of the city.

The memorial garden a few kilometres deeper into Ibadan is designed predominately to improve the visual aspects of the Landscape. We have proposed to erect 20m structures and monuments in the gardens. The structures intergrate advertising space.

The inclusion of a central fountain is also a provision we have allowed for dependent upon funding and the final option chosen by the developers.

Ibadan Gateway Ibadan Gateway Ibadan Gateway
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