Government Residential Area, Ilorin, Nigeria
Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Ilorin, one of Nigeria's largest cities is sited in between Ibadan and Abuja. The local government have proposed for a 150Ha site to be designated as a new government residential area (GRA)

The new GRA site is located is located on the south eastern side of Ilorin and forms part of the masterplan. The proposed GRA is conceived fundamentally as a place for people to enjoy living, working and visiting.

The initial concept was informed by the arrangement of the pipeline and road and streams. We thought it appropriate to provide a ring road surrounding the site.

The site is separated by a centralised axial promenade which divides the cultural and residential parts of the site. The river and green spaces are integrated to provide cultural activity such as restaurants, bars and local and entertainment.

The park provides the masterplan with a buffer zone which acts as security, visual and acoustic barrier to the new GRA. The idea is to increase as many green spaces as possible for the residents and visitors alike.

Every area within the masterplan is easily accessible by foot. The park and the river will become a central focal point within the development. We aim to provide green spaces within a radial distance of 250 meters, which encourages healthier living.

Residential, leisure, cultural, and community facilities are set around and within a orbital park. The new park has been designed to provide a buffer zone between the busy main road and the development. The new park has been designed to enhance and complement a thriving working and residential community.

Government Residential Area, Ilorin, Nigeria
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